Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Kitchen Was Closed Last Night

 There was a tiny break in the heat yesterday so we put the 'closed' sign up in our kitchen and took Julep and Derby out to dinner in St. Michaels.
 We took a nice walk around the harbour area before settling in at Foxy's Marina & Bar for dinner.
 The Harbour Water Taxi
 Julep watching the action meaning the 6 big dogs that were also out dining at Foxy's.
 The view from our table ... we forget about the Crab Claw Restaurant which you can see directly across the water.  The westies are welcomed there also.  People love to sit outside on the picnic tables and crack steamed crabs.  This is a very popular place in the summer months.
 Coming in to dock from an evening sail.
Enjoying a Cosmo martini with dinner.
 Julep was a little warm and I had chilled bottled water for them.
 So much for me laying on the sofa and watching TV last night.  Julep was so exhausted this is as far as she got!  Of course being a good westie mommy, I didn't disturb her and so I sat on the floor.
 Doesn't she look cute?
 Derby passed out also.  It was early to bed for all last night.

My sweet little boy who was ready to take on the 'big dogs' at dinner has no fear!


  1. You have the most beautiful Westies!! I am a long time Westie mom, though we lost our Barkley at 14 last fall. He was our second. Aren't they wonderful? Hopefully we'll have another little bundle of fur by fall. I love reading your posts and seeing your terrific pictures. Give the pups hugs for me (and tummy scratches!)

  2. You are a good westie mommy! They are hard to move once they've settled in, aren't they? So sweet :)