Monday, August 29, 2011

Riding Out Hurricane Irene & Post-hurricane Photo's

We made the decision the day before the hurricane was scheduled to hit the eastern shore to go to the Tidewater Inn located in Easton.  This is a pet-friendly property with only 4 levels of rooms, as well as being mostly made of brick.  I secured the last suite which had a separate sitting room and bedroom.

The westies had fun as they barked at the new noises from the hallway and not to mention all the good sniffs.  It was an adventure when taking them for a walk with the high winds and rain {they refused to use the piddle pads I had the room lined with}.

A nice feature about the Tidewater is it has a long brick walkway along the front of the property that is covered.  In normal times this area is lined with white rocking chairs.   This outside area was a blessing because it gave the westies some fresh air and a little walk, but it didn't stop them from getting soaked.  They did get tired of me drying them off with the hair dryer.

All in all this was their first hotel experience as well as our first experience with them in a hotel room.  I did take my sister's suggestion about taking some of my new patterns with me to cut out the pieces.  I managed to cut four out completely.  

Note:  Wilson photo's of the post-hurricane damage.

 The Delmarva Power crew who worked so hard repairing all the downed lines along our road.
These guys saved our freezer items ... most importantly the westies frozen raw food.
 This is a very fine furniture/appliance store in St. Michaels.
 Our driveway.  We have a lot of storm clean-up to do over the next week.  We also have 4 trees that need to be removed.  One is gunning for our next door neighbors home so we are on the emergency list for this big oak to be removed.
 Around our little town.


  1. Glad to hear you made it through the storm safe. My husbands son lives in Portsmouth Va and he called to say they were all ok, just had to get through the clean up.

  2. I was thinking about you, Wilson & the westies!! So glad you made it through safe and sound. I wondered if you may opt for a hotel, being on the water. I think I would have done the same :)

    Sorry to hear you've got so much clean up...but I suppose we should just be grateful it's in the driveway rather than in the house!


    T & Louis

  3. Sorry about the damage around your little town, but I am happy that you and your Westie-boos are okay!

  4. Whoa! Looks like Our town! Hope you guys are OK.

    Hey....about that wordpress following thing, I don't think you can do it. Tell your dad peep to check out the "email subscriptions" topic in the support forum. Lots of traffic and complaints about it. Hope this helps,

    ARooo! Stuart