Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Sewing Party Came To An Early End

 Derby is totally uninterested in the impending weather events or the fact that my sister, Debby is here.  We stayed up sewing until 12:30am last night.
 The books I ordered from Amazon.  The sewing books are very, very details and I think I'm going to have to order Sewing for Dummies to understand these other books.
 After Debby got my nephew settled into his new apartment at Salisbury University yesterday she came directly here.  We set up our sewing stations then went out to grab a pizza at Ava's.  Speaking of my nephew - they were told to evacuate their apartment and, as of this writing, the eye of Hurricane Irene is headed their way.
 Debby decided to also head home early.  So after she helped Wilson and I clear various things from our yard, she packed up her machine, patterns and various other sewing thing for the drive back to Baltimore.
 So ... our little weekend sewing party came to a crashing halt due to Mother Nature.
 Here are a few more patterns Debby purchased for me on sale.
A special note to JoAnn:
 Should you like to borrow any of these patterns now or in the future, just let me know.

 Debby is into buttons and she made this button box collection for me.
I have plenty of buttons ... to sew on plenty of outfits.
But ... my sister has tripe the amount of buttons I do!
 This is a shift dress I made.
 Taken at midnight last night.  Derby wasn't moving which is unusual for him.
 Slacks with a flared bottom & top I finished today.
This is the first top I actually had to set the sleeves in.
 A neck scarf made out of fake fur that Debby had in her sewing box.  I have a matching pair of mittens cut out.  This will go with the quilted coat and matching boots I also have cut out.
 The vest that matches a pair of slacks.
Debby thought it reminder her of something Elvis would wear, and I agree.
 I'm not sure if I posted this dress before.  It is one that Debby made.

 The coat Debby made.  I posted this before but here is a better photo.
 Before Debby came down this morning Derby checked out Debby's sewing box full of fabrics.

 Debby also left me this little blouse to finish up.
 I don't like this weather we're having ... I don't like it ... I don't like it one bit!
 Riding out the rain, thunder, lighting, a brief rainbow, and more rain ... on the back of the sofa.
Is it Monday yet?


  1. The clothes are so pretty. Good job!! Stay safe down there.

  2. What beautiful creations !
    We hope you are all safe and well, we heard Irene had hit Maryland.
    Best wishes from all of us.

  3. Hey...I don't like the weather either. Hope you're OK!

    Arooo, Stuart