Monday, September 19, 2011

Time Sure Does Fly!

 Time sure does fly and so do those tiny little birds into our large glass windows.
The westies are watching a pine warbler recover on the ground.
 Julep watches and waits until he flies away.
 Christmas has gone to the dogs in this newly completed dress.

 A fun dress for spring and summer.

 New long sleeve dresses one for a winter party and one for Valentine's Day.
 Derby was my sewing assistant today.
 I think he likes helping!


  1. Derby makes a very handsome assistant and he looks so happy to do it too

  2. I'm so glad the little bird flew away and was okay. It always makes me sad when a bird hits the window and dies right in front of me. Those little outfits are so pretty. I especially like the christmas dress with all the dogs on it. Great job sewing with Derby's help of course! Ha!

  3. You guys are quite handsome. You're "poster dogs" for the Westie breed!

    Aroooo! Stuart