Sunday, March 25, 2012

Can I Sew Now?

 Mr. Derby 
Looking your way to say hello and Happy Sunday
to all our blog family and friends.
Derby At The Bernina 
Wilson came down with the flu on Friday night
after dinner.  So Saturday it was a very quiet day in the house
no laundry, no cleaning, no vacuuming, no TV, no radio
just working on my sewing projects. 
 Julep on My Sewing Chair
I thought Julep just wanted to see what I
was up to and when I wanted my sewing chair back
she wouldn't let me have it ... so as a good
westie mom I let her sit there and just did something else.
Trying to Get Her Point Across 
After several minutes of staring I finally
figured out what Julep was very interested in.
 If you look at the photo [above] you will see what she
was looking at.  This was her way
 of trying to let me know what she wanted.
Doesn't Smell Like a Dog
 Wait it's mommy's sock monkey that she doesn't
like [and want] us to play with.
[reason ... the sock monkey has buttons for eyes]
 Help Me ... all the stuffing is running to my head!
 Julep you can't hide it so it's time to give it back.  
Maybe you'll get one of your very own for
your birthday next month.
It's hard to believe Julep will be 4 in April
and Derby will be 3 in May.
 Ribbon Obsession
Adding more spools to my ribbon stash ... is this
and obsession or an addiction?
(this is only a fraction of what I have)
This pattern and color made my eyes cross. 
My sister gave me this brightly colored fabric
so I decided to try a new pattern with it.
 I'm calling this dress ... 
Walking The Dog In Style

 This is the Easter dress I made for Olivia 
and her doll named Olivia.
I had fabric left over to make a matching bolero
jacket and a little purse.  I had to design my own
purse handles since they called for tiny metal
handles ... so I'll have to look for the recommended
doll size handles on my next trip to Hobby Lobby.


  1. Wonderful sewing things.. I can see why you want to keep that sock monkey for yourself...

    pawhugs, Max

  2. Thank you for the sweet compliments you left on my blog! Looks like you are one talented lady as well!!
    BTW- Your fur-babies are too cute for words. :o)
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
    Loren @ The Baking Sheet

  3. Hope Wilson is feeling better.
    Julep is determined to get that sock monkey, that's too funny

  4. I love your little doggies. Sorry your hubby is sick. Hope it's not for long. Very pretty clothes. You are so good at that.

  5. Yogi wants to come play with sock monkey, too...