Monday, March 26, 2012

The Easter Bunny Has Arrived!

The Easter Bunny Has Arrived! 
This fabulous Easter Bunny display is courtesy of the
residents of River House on the St. Michaels Road.  
They are the same folks who had the over-the-top Christmas
display with Santa's sled that was hit by a jet.
 Bet there are a lot of bunnies in those woods.
 Easter colored crabs ... this is a first!
 I guess if you're a bad girl or boy on the eastern shore
 instead of getting eggs and chocolate bunnies in 
your basket you get plastic crabs!
 Wilson pointed out that this is a bunny costume
I thought it was just a big stuffed toy.
 Thinking of every detail
From vanity plates, to pink flowers on the wheels,
to a bunny hood ornament ... I'm impressed! 

 I just realized they missed something ... Jelly Beans!
The owners home is located at the end of a very long driveway
 [and it looks lovely from the road].
River House is located on the Miles River, St. Michaels.
 That's a lot of Easter Eggs!
Do pink chicks lay pink eggs ...
Yellow chicks lay yellow eggs ... and
Orange chicks lay orange eggs?
So ... who laid the blue eggs? 

 Watching my every move and wondering
 why they couldn't get out of the car.
 Driving to the Bunny Trail
... Happy Spring ... 


  1. My peep gave me a new de-stuffed toy to tear up. It's a BUNNY!! Woo Hoo!

    Aroo, Stuart

  2. Oh wow, I love that big bunny! How much fun! They didn't let you out at all?!?!

  3. What a cute display that is. Hard to believe it's almost Easter.
    Love your new background, very cute