Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Close Encounter of the Wyatt Kind

 I had a different post planned for today
 but all that changed when we had a chance 
meeting in the park with Gail and little Wyatt.
 Julep did fine with Wyatt
B ... U ... T
Boys will be boys and it wasn't love at first sign for Derby.
He just had to strut his stuff at Wyatt and show him that he was
the alpha dog.  It's not every day Derby comes 
across another male terrier that is smaller than he is.
I'll Get You Derby ... If It's The Last Thing 
Safe and sound on Mommy Gail's shoulders
{after that close encounter with Derby}
 Wyatt shows Derby just how furious he can be
with those sharp as a needle baby teeth.
Terriers being terriers I'm going to guess what Wyatt 
is thinking ... if I had my way I'd be having westie for dinner.
From up here ... I can rule the world!
Okay ... maybe I'm a little young to rule the world
 but I sure do have Mommy wrapped around my little paw.
Derby ... it'll take a lot of you barking sorry and
 a year's worth of your treats before I forgive
 you for snapping at my cute little black button nose.

Puppy Kisses
Hope Daddy Terry doesn't get mad at all
 these kisses I'm giving to Mommy Gail.
True love between a Norwich puppy named Wyatt 
and a Mommy named Gail.
Happiness ... Love ... Devotion
Wilson and Derby say bye bye to Wyatt.
Derby was really wired after seeing Wyatt
but it was time to go.


  1. Maybe the second encounter will go much better! I love the look of your blog here with these falling Easter eggs - very festive!

  2. Way to go Wyatt Jr.!! You do rule the world and you do have 'the mom' wrapped around your paw. That is the 'Wyatt Way'!

    Looking forward to following you, Wyatt!