Friday, March 30, 2012

Julep ... and ... Derby

The Innocent Look 
A day in the life of Julep and Derby.
 Could Derby be inspecting my sewing 
or does he want that sock monkey?
 Nap Time and every one is in their assigned spots.
Quite Please ... Do Not Wake The Westies

 Julep won't make room for Derby on the table top
she's just to comfy to move over.
 Derby will just have to nap on the guest bed.
 They love to bake on the deck.
By laying in the sun Julep's snow nose 
will get the black pigment back.
 What a charmed life these two lead.
We haven't told the westies yet ... but we're taking them
back to Duck in the Outer Banks of North Carolina
for vacation.  They love it there and we've
rented their favorite house with the porch overlooking
the road and path to the beach.  A great spot to
watch all the people and dogs go by, hear the
ocean, and see the sun rise and sun set.
We Can't Wait!
Hope you have something fun and exciting
planned for the weekend.


  1. Hi, you cuties! Have a super weekend!

  2. Now way .... you get to nap on the tabletop??? You are sooooo lucky!!! Happy Weekend!!

  3. Too cute. I'm a softie for westies.
    How do you keep their mouths so clean?
    My westie fergus mouth is always brown.