Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Westies, Grooming, Bunnies & Sewing Projects

 Yesterday I took Julep & Derby to Ms. Dorene's to be trimmed-up for Easter.
She did a little snipping here and a little snipping there.
 Snip . . . Snip . . . Snip
 Julep's turn on the table with Ms. Dorene.
Now Derby looks like a westie boy who soon will be 3!
 With all the excitement the day before 
today was a day of being low-key.
 Looks pretty comfy to me!
I've given up trying to keep the throws nice and neat -
it just doesn't work in this house.
 Stop using that flash!

 I put out a few more of my Easter decorations.
 Looking at different photo frames with an Easter theme.
I'm still not satisfied with the photo's I have of the westies.
 Julep's look when I have duck treats in my hand.
 Two of my current sewing projects.
Hopefully, I'll get them done on Wednesday.


  1. Ha!!! Nothing better than Westie feets!!!

  2. Looking mighty good!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ivy

  3. Sleeping....now that is MY favorite thing to do! BOL

  4. This reminds me I need to make an appointment for Duke with the groomer. He's over due again :)

  5. Whoa ... I am going to have to tell my mom we need a table like that with a built in bed!!!! You look MIGHTY comfy under there :)

  6. I have my spa day Saturday. You always look so white!
    Sweet William The Scot