Saturday, May 19, 2012

First Cosmo Of The Season!

 Before leaving for dinner I made this simple arrangement
 for the house using flowers from our garden.

 Then it was off to Foxy's [without the westies]
to meet Laura & Cary for our traditional first
martini of the season ... outside at Foxy's.
 Pouring my Cosmo ... our waitress had purple nails.
Not everyone can get away with this color!
 By the time we left the place was packed
and not an empty table to be found.
 Laura & Cary decided on a traditional martini with extra olives.

 Cosmo in front of Purple Petunia's

 View from our table across the Miles River
to the Crab Claw Restaurant.
 There were more boats than I expected
to see this time of year pre-Memorial Day.
 One Cosmo did me in ... I'm a cheap date!

 I had to remind Cary that he's not flying one of his
fast airplanes ... he just flew back from a quick turn-a-round
trip to Nantucket were he dropped folks off going to their vacation place.
The tide really went out by the time we finished dinner.

 We said our goodbyes until we meet again on
Sunday night for dinner.
This is the 'official' Red Rocket time of year for meeting
Laura & Cary at one of the many outside restaurants that can
be found along the harbour in St. Michaels.
 An Impulse Stop
We wanted to try the new place in town
for ice cream and cupcakes.

 Last season this was an antique store
this year an ice cream parlour.
 Oh ... My!
 With all these choices I went with a simple
and boring vanilla ice cream on a cake cone ...
Wilson went for one of the cupcakes.

 Next time I'll try a cupcake but I'm betting
they aren't as good as the ones I make at home!



  1. Now, I would have a tough time deciding if I should imbibe in the Cosmo or sample some ice cream! A great time out!

  2. Happy Weekend indeed. That looks like a great vacation... Wow.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, beginning to end