Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bayside Quilters Guest Speaker: Frank Klemens Talks About Color Theory

Show & Tell quilts from members of the Bayside Quilters.
[The piece [above] was created using Jane Sassman fabric.
You can find Jane's blog under My Blog List to the right]

My first quilting class was taught by Alice.

Candy followed her dream and recently opened a quilt store
in Trappe.  You can see her store and all the beautiful fabric
 she has on display through the link below.
Chris ... always helping various groups
on the eastern shore and beyond through
the community outreach portion of the Guild.

Frank Klemens – Color Theory
Bayside Quilters October Guest Speaker

Frank Klemens of Wilmington, DE. Frank began quilting
 in 1999, quickly became addicted, started designing quilt 
patterns and now teaches at several quilt shops. 
He loves all aspects of quilting but enjoys machine piecing
 and machine quilting the most.

Frank’s Three Wise Guys (named after his three sons) 
came about from support of local Quilters in Newark, DE. 
Since then he has designed Quick Gift Ideas, Quilt Patterns 
and Frank’s 30’s Club. This club is designed for quilters 
that horde 1930’s reproduction fabrics or just love
 1930’s fabrics and want fresh and unique patterns 
to use up their stash. To be a member, you do not have
 to be in your 30’s but all members are automatically
 in their 30’s once they join.

Visit Frank's website at:

Talking color and how yellow pulls
your eyes to the area it's placed in.

Explaining the color wheel and how to
use it when deciding colors for your project.

Notice how your eye is pulled to the
yellow bell in the center?

The final machine quilting is something Frank
prefers having done by a local expert.
The use of shaded thread & the free formed heart
pattern adds so much to a simple block design.

Another example of the amount of detail and the
use of shaded thread in the final quilting process.

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  1. Amazing quilts! Great post! Thank you!!!!!

  2. Beautiful quilts. Someone up there looks a little sad about you leaving to go to a quilters meeting :)