Friday, October 12, 2012

Westies, Quilting & Fabric ... What More Could You Ask For?

Helpers ... They Are Not! 
I'm not taking my Bernina on vacation
 [a big sigh sound here]
but I do have two quilt tops that are in-need
of binding. This is a perfect vacation project since
 this last [time consuming] step is done by hand.
 I learned about Spray Bond at the Outreach Bee.
It's a miracle product so no pinning is required
when it's time to quilt the quilt.
Quilt made in my last class many months ago. 
Julep & Derby had enough playing on my quilt layout
area so I could finally finish using the bonding spray.
[Due to the size the floor space was needed.]
 This baby quilt I made without a pattern.
I plan to try out the Bernina walking foot
and quilt the top today.
Hopefully, this will be fun and not stressful!
 Woof-Woof ... the back of the quilt.
This is a lot of fabric to push through the
sewing machine ... wish me luck!
 Since this was a class practice quilt
I'll let the westies have it to sleep on.
 I've hesitated for months spending the $'s to purchase
 this expensive foot for my Bernina.
? W-H-Y ?
 Because that little box cost $175.00.
When I worked on quilting the class practice top [above]
I realized I really need to have this foot because 
without it the fabric bunches up in spots and creates
bumps.  When you spend hours and hours piecing 
together a quilt top you want the finished product
to look good - even if it's just a practice piece.
 While I was in the fabric shop ... I noticed
bolts of new fabrics sitting behind the counter.
I'm not sure what I'll be doing with this panel.
First I though of a little lap quilt with a simple 
accent border [using the two fabrics to the left]
 then the sale clerks suggested I could make
individual pillows.
 This was also purchased with the fabrics above.
I'll keep it in my stash until I decide what to
do with it.  The shell theme really doesn't fit
our home but I fell in love with the rich
colors and beautiful shells.
The picture [above] and [below] are fabrics
I picked up from JoAnn's red tag area.
The Columbus Day sale was 50% off the already
50% price - what a bargain.

 Second dress I made from the Ballet Slipper
fabric.  This one is being mailed to Jocelyn who is
taking ballet classes.


  1. You are so talented your quilting is lovely. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I'd love to learn quilting - I just never seem to have time to take the classes. Does the spray bond wash away? Do you need to worry about it staining fabric?