Monday, September 30, 2013

So What Do You Do When ...

... Derby ...  
So what do you do when you're busy taking pictures
of one super-cute Derby and it's dinner time?
 {Derby's Thought}
As long as my dinner is at exactly 5:00 on-the-dot
I don't care what they do for dinner ... but I may offer
the suggestion of a carryout meal.
... She took my suggestion ...
Mommy Katie took my suggestion and did something very
smart for dinner last night ... she sent Daddy Wilson out
to pick up dinner for two ... It's Italian Night!
Calling in the phone order ... #1
Wilson will have 1 large calzone with sausage and onions. 

Wilson & I threw in our dish towel since neither one of us wanted to cook.
Going thru our local carryout menu's (which is a total of 3) we decided on
ordering two calzone's from Sam's Pizza in St. Michaels.
 Order #2
Katie will have one small plain cheese calzone.
 I told Wilson not to order the large calzone ... 
but do you think he would listen?  If you guessed
'no' you were correct!  1/2 went into the trash!
The Little Beggers
Forever at our feet in the kitchen.
One day we will either trip over them or
{God Forbid} step on their paws.
It's a new week & the last day of September
so please have a good one.


  1. Oh, those look so yummy! I do take out more often too.

  2. Ha ha Pip does that in the kitchen and gosh we have to be careful one does not fall over too. She lives in hope of food falling into her mouth LOL. Have a marvellous monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. those calzones look really good but they both look huge to me

  4. Those look really good!! I will never, ever tire of looking at those sweet Westie faces!!