Thursday, October 3, 2013

If It's On The Floor ... Than Anything Goes

 I don't mind the westies upstairs with me in my sewing area
when they are nice and calm and in their resting spots.

 And I even don't mind them checking out my work in progress.
See now nice & neat my fabric is laid out? 
But I do mind when they decide it's play time and decide
my work in progress is the place to start 'tag ... you're it'!
 I don't even mind they messed up a few of the rows of fabric.
 Because I can re-press and re-layout those rows which look like this.
Derby ... the butt-presser of my quilts! 
 Of course Derby has to check out the pillowcases in progress.
 But this is what I really mind 
Notice in the picture above how neat everything 'was'
and in this picture it's a post-westie mess?
BTW, that's Derby out in the hallway looking innocent.
 I love this fabric & really didn't want to cut it.
I'm trying to get this super-simple quilt put together so I can take on
vacation.  I figured since I can't take my sewing machine I can at least
 finish hand sewing the binding on while listening to the ocean waves.  
 My sister gave me this flannel Scottie fabric last year. I decided
to make a set of matching pillowcases out of the 2 yards.
These will be added to the items I already donated to Westie Rescue
Southeast Facebook fund raising auction beginning on 10/6.
Right now WRSE has a little westie girl who needs heart surgery and the
cost is about $4,000.00.  So every item helps.  Update:  The simple
little extended lap quilt I sent up to Westie Rescue Canada has raised
$900.00 so far - they are selling raffle tickets for it.
Have a great day & thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh my naughty, naughty. My peeps goes mad when I decided to muck up the bed and chuck pillows around. Love the scottie fabric. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I'm assuming that Derby's innocent look is because he naturally is totally
    That's awesome that your quilt has raised that much so far