Sunday, September 29, 2013

We're Getting Ready For ...

  Derby ............. Julep
Two cute westies!
 J&D were having so much fun running & playing upstairs
they didn't pay attention to me when I went downstairs.
 Hey ... how did she get downstairs without us?
Well Julep & Derby I know you're not going to help me
pack for our beach vacation in Duck, North Carolina so I
just decided to let you play.
The vacation countdown begins - we leave October 6. 
We rented our favorite house in Duck once again.  It's a big house
for just us and the westies but off season it's worth it!  I'll be posting
pictures of all the rooms but here are a few general pictures
from one of our past trips.
 I'm hoping we have nice weather for beach walks.
 The lookout spot on the top front porch.  From here J&D can
watch people [and dogs] go to and from the beach,
rabbits nibbling grass in the yards below and foxes running
thru the yard into the brush.  All in all they spend hours
just watching, waiting & barking.  They love it!
With all this activity and fresh ocean air we have two
very tired westies by the end of the day.  I think Derby
took himself to bed on this particular night.
 We have to watch them like a hawk while walking on the
beach - there are to many things to sniff and eat along the way
It's work for me after a beach walk - cleaning sand from their feet 
and brushing their fur out ... but they really enjoy it.  
It's ashame we can't let them off leash ... but if we did I'd still be chasing
 them along the beach because westies  {at least my two} have zero recall!
... Countdown to our Outer Banks vacation week ...


  1. Looks like you all are going to have so much fun and a bit of fox hunting thrown in...epic. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Is it that time of year already? I hope the count down goes quick and your time there slow :)

  3. I looked at the place on FB! It looks gorgeous and we are thinking of renting there as is so hard to find a nice place that allows dogs!