Tuesday, October 22, 2013

He Sleeps, She Watches and I Put Out My Needlepoint

 Derby loves Julep's old puppy bed.
His ultimate favorite thing to play with is an old
toy pink purse that once belonged to Julep.

 While #1 and #2 westies were pre-occupied downstairs I took
this rare opportunity to sneak upstairs and layout all my 
completed needlepoint canvases.  This does not include the
ones I've already done & the ones that are in production!
 I love every canvas but there are a few favorites I'm
particularly fond of.  For fun I added a Scottie charm to one
of the hot air balloons.  After the pillows are complete
I glue on additional embellishments to make 
each pillow a little more interesting.
 Hard to tell but the background is designed using two
 different types of thread.  Hours and hours of work went
 into every canvas.  Each one is totally unique and I will
never re-create any of them again.  This is another
reason why they will be hard to give away or donate.
Need to finish the background on this one.
 Yikes ... my winter pillow sewing projects!
I'm working on making this into a pillow now because
Halloween is right around the corner!
Have a great day & don't let any black cats cross your path.


  1. Derby looks so sweet. I keep an eye on things when ancient Pip sleeps. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Well if Derby is like Malcolm he makes an art of sleeping :-). Malcolm will settle down for a long winters nap every afternoon!
    I love your needlepoints! Where did you get the Westie canvas?

  3. What beautiful needlework!!! Julep and Derby look quite comfy!

  4. Derby looks so comfy in his bed. Wow, Katie, your needlework are amazing!