Monday, March 31, 2014

The Last Snow Pictures ... I'm Hoping!

 I've been sorta busy around here with sewing cleaning
and deciding what to pack and what not to pack 
my head is spinning I forgot to post the last snow pictures.

 Derby ... the sniffer dog!

 We all know who's wrapped in warm blankets from the dryer.

 Of course these chairs are dirty Derby but they
will be cleaned for your lounging pleasure on Wednesday.
 I said ... I'm going to clean them on Wednesday!  Pushy westie!
I know Mommy Katie is busy but SHE needs to think about me
and my beautiful white coat.  What does SHE think I am ... a
'typical' dog ... the nerve!
Guess Derby gave me my marching orders for the rest of the week
... clean the deck and clean HIS lounge chairs!


  1. I hope it will be the last snow too. Derby has a lounge chair! wowie, wow, wow!

  2. Let us hope that really was the last of the snow and cleaning the deck and chairs means Spring is at last there in your hood. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We all know you are NOT a typical dog Derby. You are extra special and deserve special treatment. Don't be too hard on your mom, she tries but she's only

  4. Derby, I hope you have a clean throne, I mean, Lounge chair! You look too pretty after your bath! ;P