Monday, June 29, 2015

The Treasure Map Quilt

 I guess this chair now belongs to the westies!
 The treasure map quilt panel was so easy to make.  I think
it took me longer to quilt then to sew together!  My
chiropractor {Michael} and his fincee' {Nicole} came by the house on
Sunday afternoon to pick this up.  What a nice couple they made and 
we enjoyed getting to know them both. They loved our community and 
when the time is right for them to move I think they will seriously 
look at the homes here.  It would be perfect for them.
 The navy boat fabric would make cute pillows which I
may consider making for the 3 season room in the new place.
 Derby among fabric.
 My sister liked the table runner I previously made and asked
I make one for her to place under her sewing machine.  
I whipped this out and I will be mailing to her day.
This week we have lined up ... the hardwood floor guy to see what we can do
about those dark floors, the interior designer for misc. things,
the landscaper and his crew for clean-up, the painter to start in the garage
and I'm starting on the baking fabric {pictured in the last post} quilt
for Josie {my landscapers daughter}.  Have a good one and 
thanks for stopping by.

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  1. What a fun quilt that is. It's so cute. Sounds like things are moving right along there with the house.