Monday, August 17, 2015

Dialects of the Rooster


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Did you know that roosters in other parts of the
world speak a different language than roosters in America?
Note:  Derby could care less
To me, the English speaker who says “cock-a-doodle-doo,” 
a rooster crow is a silly five-syllable word with three hard sounds. 
To most European, roosters speak mostly in three 
syllable bursts, with a roly-poly French accent if they’re in 
France and the thin, sharp sounds of a Spanish accent if they 
live in Spain. The way it’s pronounced gives the rooster a different personality.
I was interested in how “cock-a-doodle-doo” is said in other languages. 
(Note: This list was blatantly borrowed!)
  • Africaans: koekelekoe
  • Albanian: kikiriki
  • Basque: kikirriki
  • Belarusian: кукарэку (kukarekú)
  • Bosnian: kukuriku
  • Breton: kokaralur
  • Bulgarian: кукурику (kukuriku)
  • Catalan: kikkirikí, quiquiriquic
  • Chinese:
    • Cantonese: (gokogoko)
    • Mandarin: (gou gou)
  • Croatian: kukuriku
  • Czech: kykyryký
  • Danish: kykkeliky
  • Dutch: kukeleku
  • Estonian: kikerikii
  • Esperanto: kokeriko
  • Finnish: kukkokiekuu
  • French: cocorico
  • Gaelic: cuc-a-dudal-du
  • German: kickeriki
  • Greek: κουκουρίκου (koukouríkou)
  • Hebrew: קוקוריקו (kukuriku)
  • Hindi: (kukruukuu)
  • Hungarian: kukuriku
  • Icelandic: gaggala gaggala gú
  • Indonesian: kukurukukin
  • Italian: chicchirichí
  • Japanese: こけこっこう (kokekokkō)
  • Kashubian: kùkùk
  • Korean: 꼬끼요 (kkokkiyo)
  • Lithuanian: kakariekū
  • Macedonian: кукурику (kukurikú)
  • Norwegian: kykeliky
  • Polish: kukuryku
  • Portuguese: cucurucu
  • Punjabi: (kukroku), (kukrukaru)
  • Romanian: cucurigu
  • Russian: кукареку (kukarekú)
  • Serbian:
    • Cyrillic: кукурику
    • Latin: kukuriku
  • Spanish: quiquiriquí
  • Swedish: kuckeliku
  • Tagalog: kukaok
  • Thai: เอ้ก-อี-เอ้ก-เอ้ก (ake-e-ake-ake)
  • Turkish: kukuriku
  • Ukrainian: кукуріку (kukurikú)

And my personal favorite, Pig Latin: “ockcay-away-oodleday-ooday”!
 So ... here you have it.  The dialects of the Rooster and
two cock-a-doodle-doo quilts.


  1. I don't know if I could even pronounce most of those other languages. I do like your quilts though

  2. Never would have even guessed that :) Great tid bit of info right there Thanks.

    That quilt top looks fantastic but it's Derby who is stealing the show today :) Have a great Cock-a-doodle tuesday