Saturday, August 15, 2015

I'm A Coin Roller From Way Back

 I admit I'm a coin roller.  My father collected and rolled
coins, my mother would roll coins, and my sister rolled
coins.  Just last week Deb said she was rolling a jar
of coins ... so that makes us a family of coin rollers.
 I believe in getting coins back into recirculation so I won't
be considered a coin hoarder.  Yes, there is such a thing as
a person who hoards coins.
 I found [in my research] a few interesting items folks
created using coins but my $63.50 isn't going very far.

The husband joked and called me Mrs. Midas
while I was drinking coffee and rolling.  I asked him
if he remembered the song Midas Touch and he didn't.
I found this YouTube video of the original version of
the song and played it for him.  Now it's stuck in my head.

... What will I do with the coins? ...
 The coins once turned into paper $'s will go towards the
next fabric shopping trip to Pennsylvania.
 Wonder how heavy this dress is.
 Funny how Wilson didn't like the idea of a penny floor in the 
bathroom.  A fun project would be to makes a coin table top
 for the screened in porch.  I have a year to decide if this
is a worthy project or not.
Coin Tape Measurer
Of course there is coin jewelry made from rare coins.  
I've aways admired a single coin necklace and maybe one day
I'll buy myself one.  The only coin piece I have now is a vintage
dime bracelet my dad gave me several years ago.

In researching this blog post I found an interesting article
about copper pennies and the value difference to collectors.
Here is the link if you like to read it:


  1. Momma always pulls da copper pennies out from da ones dat aren't pure copper... says they're worth more da a penny so she "hoards" 'em... bol, bol!

  2. I roll coins too but my jar doesn't grow real fast since I don't always remember to throw the change in the jar.
    I wonder how hard it would be to keep a penny floor clean