Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Everything Was Just Ducky ... Until

Not a Good Sign 
Everything was just ducky when we left the plumber
and contractor yesterday morning ... until ... the phone rang.
 After the install of the new bathtub fixtures they did a
test run of the jacuzzi jets before encasing the tub with tile.
 Wouldn't you know it there was a leak in one of the jets.
No one local or on the east coast [as a matter of fact] 
had the replacement part.  Phil [our contractor] did find the
 part in California.  Hopefully, it will be here in a few
days so we can get the rest of the tile work done.
 We didn't like the cheap plastic shower heads that
Lowe's carries so Wilson went on line and ordered
this nice [and mildly expensive] Kohler set.
Rain Shower Head
 We grew to love this style of shower head.
 What this house has and what Bozman didn't
have is a hand-held shower.  This is perfect when
 it's bath time for the westies.
 It will be nice to get this off our project list.  
 Everything is so white.  The painters haven't started with
the West Highland White yet.
 The geese ... a reminder fall is on the way.
Maggie is the rescue lab that lives next door.  
Julep and Derby love to bark at Maggie while she's
playing ball in the backyard.  She is a sweetheart who
now has a wonderful and loving home with Nancy & Larry.


  1. Beautiful shower!! I bet it's all going to come together nicely! :)

  2. good thing they did a test and found the leak. I like having the hand held shower head not only for dog washing but it makes it easier for cleaning too.