Friday, August 7, 2015

We Started at 8:00a.m. Sharp!

 I'm not a morning person - never was and never will be ... so
it pains me when I have to set the alarm for 6:30a.m. in order
to let the carpet guys in to remove the existing ugly carpet.
The good news is the walk is only a short distance as you can see.

From the sewing room window {note: westies in window}
I can watch who comes, goes, and what time these things occurs. 
 Note the little white heads in the window wondering why
we didn't take them to the house this morning.
 Meet Juan our painter and all-around handy man.
Juan was a god-send when we needed things done
prior to moving out of Bozman.  He has 3 kids
and I've made them all quilts and the girls 
got American Girl clothing as well.
 Look ma ... no more ugly carpet!
 An unexpected cost is the fireplace to the amount of bigger
bucks then we originally budgeted.  The 'insert' [that's what I
call it] needs to be replaced ... why ... because the one in there is
not 'air tight' and when you have a propane fireplace you need
it air tight because if it is not ... your walls will become covered
in a sticky gray-ish gunk.  The installer explained all this to Wilson.
 More shower tile in place.
 Everything needs two coats of paint ... this is the first coat
of basic ceiling white being rolled on in the hallway.
 This is what we were suppose to do yesterday at In Home Stone.
You can see the plastic-type pieces taped in yellow which shows
how the stone guys will cut it out.  Lou did a spot-on layout for us and
we gave him the okay to cut and install next Thursday.
We are still dealing with the drawings for the back two screened
in porches and connecting deck and Wilson feels that by the
time all the permits are approved it probably will be late fall
[when and if things line up like they should].

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  1. By 6:30 I'm already at work and frying donuts :) I used to hate mornings but after years of working the hours I do I prefer early morning.