Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I Can See The Light

 I can see the light from here Mommy Katie.
 When are we going to move?  I want new carpet to 
run on and new windows to look out of.
{I don't want to get Julep's hopes up but maybe by Dec. 1st}
 Yesterday was the install of the new lighting fixtures
we ordered for various rooms in the house.  I wanted
to replace those big and clunky pendants in the master
bathroom with something a little more 'light' and airy.
 The two previous vanity lights were also clunky looking so they
were replaced with lighting that is a little more sleek and
more on the contemporary side.  We are still looking at
mirrors.  I'm thinking silver framed.  Now that the new lighting
is in place we can re-measure and re-look at what we have
flagged as possibilities for the two spots.
 The little crystal girly ceiling fixture is no more.  This
room now sports a manly ceiling fan.
A basic Hunter fan in the guest room. 
 Wilson picked all the ceiling fans.  This is in my sewing room.
We did get word yesterday that the seamless shower 
enclosure will be installed next Thursday.
And ... the progress continues.

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