Friday, September 18, 2015

Derby Plus The New Stain

 Derby ... Position #1
If I would have made this pillow especially for Derby he
probably wouldn't have anything to do with it ... but since I made
this to match a quilt he has taken ownership of it.
 Derby ... Position #2
 Derby ... Position #3
 A little play time after dinner.  I took them for a quick walk
around the neighborhood loop before Wilson and I 
went out to dinner.  This took away all that extra energy.
 Finished up the Christmas quilt top for Kaitlyn.
I still have the blocks that the westies are playing on [above]
to make into a quilt.  In my mind I'm trying to get a jump
on holiday theme sewing because who knows what
stage of moving will be going on during the holidays.
 Introducing ... the newly stained floors!
I love this color and the wide planks.  We think the guys may 
have one maybe two additional coats to put on next week.  
 No walkies on the floors please.
This picture is the same space as above.
Amazing what a good sanding and the right 
color stain can do for a hardwood floor.


  1. Derby is adorable no matter what position he takes on that pillow. He does look like he's really enjoying it too.
    What a difference in the floor. I LOVE the new stain color. It looks awesome

  2. Wow! The floor looks amazing!

    Monty and Harlow