Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Around The New House

 Derby watching me as I walk down the street to go
 check on the progress of the workers.  We've been keeping
them out of the new house because of the floors as well
as all the old carpeting was pulled up but those tack
strips with nails are still there.  We did not want any
pad injuries to happen - so better safe than sorry. 
 One chandelier up in the breakfast area.
Hanging lower than we would like it needs to be closer to the ceiling.  
 The beast of a mantel was put in place yesterday.  
 The new insert and logs are in but not fastened down yet.
There is a black surround that goes around it which is the next step.
Wilson hung the master bathroom mirrors yesterday.
Carpet install on Wednesday with finish up on Thursday.
After that ... the new king size bed frame will be delivered
as well as the new refrigerator.  We are making progress ... but
... we are still waiting for the permit to start the back screened in
porches and deck.  All the paperwork is waiting for is one
signature.  Oh well, can't fight city hall.


  1. The mantel looks great and those mirrors in the bathroom are really nice.

  2. Aw....little Derby looks so sad....Where is Mommie Katie going? Your fireplace surround is stunning. You must be getting very excited about the progress in your new home! I love your master bath and light fixture, too.