Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Carpet & Lights

 I know the westies can't wait to go and run on the new carpet.  
 They watched me walk back and forth all day checking on the installers.
 Nothing like having your new carpet in the driveway
for all the neighbors to inspect.  
 The two carpet installers have been working since
9:00am and should be finished around 7:00pm
 The master bedroom ... oh, do I like this carpet!
 Off the master bedroom/bathroom is the room
 with the California Closet.
 We had the new light raised and Wilson is talking about what to
do with this door - it can blow open with a good gust of wind.
 This is the new lighting fixture in entrance hall. 
 We did bring this from Bozman and it fills the room!  
The wallpaper guy just called and he will be
wallpapering the dining room tomorrow at 8:00a.m.  He's
a week early and we couldn't be happier to get this done.
Walking back over to the house to check on the
carpet installers.  I ran into Larry [our next door neighbor to
the rental] walking Maggie who is a lab rescue.  
That's it for today ... I'm exhausted yet again!


  1. The beauty of this blog is how you highlight carpets with flora and fauna. In addition, you really bring out the importance of carpets and how they affect theme settings whether it is indoors or in the driveway. I would love to try out some of your tricks and recommend this blog to my friends any day. Indoor beauty I must possess!

    Monique Fletcher @ Safeclean Hillingdon

  2. This is looking really good. I remember when I had my house remodeled. My wife and I got new carpet and we remodeled our bathroom. It was a long road, but I've never felt more at home after it was all said and done. Looks like the people you hired are doing a fantastic job.