Thursday, January 14, 2016


 I've been busy cleaning the house because Wilson has his writing
group stopping by on Friday evening for cocktails and light
snacks to celebrate the new issue of the Delmarva Review.
While running the vac in my sewing room I turned around
to find Derby up on my cutting table.  Of course this made me grab
my camera for some pics simply because he's so darn cute.
 I do think he was disappointed not to see a doggie being walked.
 Not even our neighbor Scott came out for Derby to bark at.
 And it goes without saying that if I wanted him to
stand like this - he wouldn't.
 Julep took her spot on the carpet and I'm not
sure why she didn't take the opportunity to
view the hood from an upper level.
I have a bunch of quilts to take pictures of.  Several I
started while in the rental that I finally finished up last night.
I'll be on to St. Patty's Day fabric soon. 
I'm also sad to report I didn't have one lousy number
on my mega lottery ticket last night ... oh well,
money isn't everything but it should would buy
me a ton of fabric to share with my sister.

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