Friday, May 6, 2016

It's All In the Butt!

 Leaving no crumb behind.  Why do dogs act like
they're always starving to death? 
Derby going to find the birds in the bathroom.
Did I tell you there is a nest full of baby birds chipping
in the exhaust vent in the master bathroom?  You can also hear
them in the second story bathroom as well.  They start at sunrise
and stop at sunset.  Poor Derby has been trying to find them since
 we arrived.  He gets so intent on finding them I have to close the
bedroom doors to keep him from going crazy. Yesterday I
discovered there was a screen missing on the side of the house
and saw mommy bird taking food into the house.  
 Wilson is working on the next issue of the Delmarva Review
 at a leisurely pace while here.   He's reading and rejecting
submissions of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.  
 Low tide on the Sound side allowed this stray cat to search
for food in the grasses that are usually covered with water.
Hey kitty-cat ... you won't find any mice down there.
 We went back to High Cotton today for lunch.  The restaurant
was packed and the carry-out section was buzzing.
 Wilson ordered the pulled pork and pulled chicken platter.
One of the daily specials was smoked cabbage with bacon.
 I ordered what I ordered yesterday.  I asked for a few more
hush puppies and they gave me 8!  I love this place!!
 Yes, it is!
 Waiting for more treats.  They're not happy it's raining out.
That means the afternoon walk is on 'rain delay' until things
dry out.  They had a good morning walk.
 What the sky looked like at 1:00p.m. today.
The rows are sewn together so I just need to add
the top and bottom row - then it's complete.  I may cut out
another quilt top since it's still raining.


  1. I can imagine how crazy the birds are making the
    Smoked cabbage and bacon sounds really good

  2. Birds in the vent would make me crazy, too!