Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Salt Box Cafe

 Today Wilson and I went on a lunch adventure to the
Salt Box Cafe located 15 miles from our rental in Duck.
The westies stayed at home.  
 Somehow during our last vacation in Duck I learned about The
Salt Box.  On this trip we made it a point of going for lunch.
The cool thing is I remember the owner/chef from St. Michaels.
At that time he was the chef at the [now closed] Key Lime Cafe.
 The lunch selections were many and perfect!
My Lunch 
I ordered the tomato soup with grilled cheese and let me
say this is no ordinary cheese sandwich!
It's made with french bread dipped in butter then grilled with
fontina cheese in between.  Holy smokes - it's to die for!
If you haven't eaten a grilled cheese with fontina you owe
it to yourself to give it a try.  I also enjoy a good bowl of tomato soup
so coupled with this sandwich ... this meal was
Pure Decadence!
 Don't be fooled by the funky sign with handwritten phone
number.  This is a gem of a place!  There are nothing but
excellent reviews on Trip Advisor and I was told that
one of the national network TV shows will be doing
a segment on The Salt Box in the near future.
 Hanging Spanish Moss
 Meet Chef Randolph Sprinkle.  He just had a few
minutes to come out and chat with us.  The place
was hopping at lunch and Chef was busy prepping 
for the massive amount of reservations starting 
tonight for Mother's Day weekend.  It was neat
to catch up and find out what he did after leaving
the St. Michaels area.  His wife is also a chef and
they are both hard workers and excel in cooking.
 We ordered an appetite of spring rolls and the tempura
dipped onion rings ... these words just melt in my mouth!
 Wilson finally decided on the burger but I have to say he
was torn between many of the lunch selections.
We left little on our plates.  Everything we saw coming
out of the kitchen looked excellent and the portions
were overly generous.  I begged Wilson to
rolled me out to the car ... I was stuffed.
We'll take dessert to go!
Today's dessert selections [which are made in-house]
included a coconut cake and chocolate buttermilk cake.
When you can't decide . . .
it's pretty simple to get a slice of each!  
I liked the coconut cake but I'm drooling over the 
chocolate buttermilk cake.  I saved Wilson a
sliver of the chocolate to try.   
We are happy little piggies.
I'll be looking for the next size in clothing when we
get home because nothing will fit after all
 the excellent food we ate this week.

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  1. It all sure looks good That tomato soup looks extra thick and yummy