Monday, May 9, 2016

Our 5 Minutes on the Beach

 Saturday was the first day the weather was perfect.
We drove through the Four Season's community which
our rental is part of to find the pathway to the beach.
 I'm glad we left the westies at home after seeing all the dogs
on the beach.  It wouldn't have been an enjoyable 5 minutes
with them barking and carrying on.
 If our westies acted 'normal' and 'laid-back' like other dogs
going to the beach [with them] wouldn't be an issue  -
but they are not like other dogs - they are little terrors terriers.
 Duck beaches are never crowded and pet-friendly.
That's one of the beauties of this place.

 Pelicans flying over head.  How's that for timing!
 I was surprised this turned out because I was moving
the camera with the pelican.
 Grass on the dune.
 Four Season's is an upscale development so of
course they have upscale pathways to the beach.  
Walking back to the car after our quick trip
to visit the ocean.  It's time to go back to start packing.  
Yarrow I spotted in someone's yard.   I like this plant so
I'm going to put it on my garden list for one of our beds. 

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