Monday, June 13, 2016

It's Pillowcase Time!

 A Facebook friend sent me her collection of westie fabric since she
doesn't have time to sew.  I've been looking at this fabric
trying to decide what type of fabric I should use to surround the
westie blocks to make them larger.    Whenever I get this done
it will go into one of the rescue auctions.

 For the past two days I've been making pillowcases to give to
the grand daughter [Daisy] when she checks into her dorm in
New York City.  Since her passion is art and color I've
been trying to make cool looking things for her room.
 If only Derby could talk ... 'She makes everyone else 
pillowcases but she never makes me a thing'.
One-eyed Julep.
 These are for Daisy as if you didn't know that already.  I like
making her pillowcases with two different sides.
 French Bulldog pillowcases are for Molly.  She is an friend who
would help me with Ruffes the cat.  For those that didn't know I 
was a cat person pre-westies.  Ruffles lived to the ripe old 
age of 21 years + 4 months.  Molly is now a vet tech at the
practice I take the westies to.   Molly rescued 6 French Bulldogs.

 Julep has made herself comfortable on the beginning of Daisy's quilt.
Since Daisy will be an artist I chose fabric designed by Kaffe Fassett.
I'm in love with everything this man designs.  His color pallet is
bright and bold.  His new line of flowers are stunning.  

The layout of this quilt is the same pattern I used in the quilt I started
 in the Outer Banks.  I decided I needed more variety so I just ordered
two additional sets of fat quarters from his line.  They are in the
process of being shipped so I should have them by the end of the week.
 I've been texting Daisy pictures of her new pillowcases
and mentioned that she can share a set or two with her
new dorm mate if she likes.
 Plain white but with a gold and black metallic print cuff.
This is the last set I made for Daisy.  I think 5 sets of pillowcases
is enough to get her started during her first semester in NYC.

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