Wednesday, July 20, 2016

It's Wednesday

 This is the usual process I go through when I'm making a 
quilt from my fabric collection.  I pull out a bunch and
toss them on the floor to see what works.
 I pretty much decided that the red on red star fabric didn't work.
Little Ms. Julep was sleeping on it so I couldn't put it away.
 From that stack of fabric in the first picture came this design.
Two of the fabrics in this quilt have sparkle which gives this a
jazzier look.  People love [for some reason] the combination
of red and black material.  I know this will be a hit in
the auction it goes into.  But for now ... it's Julep's.

 The center section is what is sewn together ... next up is all
the red/white blocks and the side black strips.
There are top and bottom sections in the original pattern
which I haven't started. 
 Wilson decided to fire up the Primo Grill on Friday so
we're having a few neighbors over for burgers.
I decided to use our fish plates since they are casual ...
so I whipped up eight napkins this afternoon.
This fabric was going into a nautical quilt but not any more
... unless I order more!
... Gotta Run ....
We put the 'closed' sign up in the kitchen so we'll be heading
over to one of the restaurants on the water for dinner tonight ...
probably the Town Dock.  Hopefully, it won't be so hot
so we enjoy eating outside.
Derby goes in for his 'dental' at 9 on Thursday
so I'm hopeful his teeth will be better than Julep's.

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  1. Julep looks very happy with that quilt :)