Saturday, July 23, 2016

It's Saturday and It's Hot!

 No one can sneak around this house without the westies
giving us notice.  Our shared landscaper [with our next door
neighbor] pulled up in front of our house.  It was
an all out bark-fest.
 The tail in the position of 'red alert'.
 Keeping an eye on the truck.
 This was the table setting for our casual burger dinner
last night.  Wilson fired up the Primo and the burgers
cooked in no time flat since the temp inside the Primo
reached 500 degrees.  We need to work on the cooking
time since those that wanted 'rare' got medium-fully cooked
but none the less they were still very tasty.
 I love making napkins but I still need to sit down and learn
how to do miter corners.  It's pretty simple from what I read it's just 
practicing on leftover fabric.  I did order more sale fabric from 
Hancock's that I want to use for napkins.  Since I never located my box
 of napkins {maybe it's in the storage unit but it's to hot to check} 
I'm trying to replenish my dinner napkin selection.
 I love our new Harris Teeter grocery store in Easton and
these are flowers from the floral department.
 With a few leftover stems I made up a small vase for the
burger buffet counter.  I forgot to take a picture but we had
a try of lettuce, tomato, cheese, macaroni salad, cold slaw,
pickles, and tossed salad.  For dessert I had made up little bowls
of vanilla bean and cookie & cream ice cream from the 
Scottish Highland Creamery in Oxford.  This is what 
ice cream should taste like ... rich and creamy. 
As the sun shines in through the top living room window it lands 
right on the table.  It can be pretty brutal when you're trying to eat.
Our lower living room window curtains will be installed on Monday
and we may need to install blinds on the top windows.   Since 
this is our first summer here we're waiting it out
before we're sure we need to spend the $'s on them.
 We love - love - love our screened in porches.  Personally I
can't wait for cooler temperatures because I want to have
a porch party with some friends and neighbors.
If you're going to have burgers you might as well have
them on the best buns you can find ... and these are it!
Have a great Saturday & stay inside 'cause baby
it's going to be a scorcher out there.

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  1. It's hot here today too. Last I looked it had hit 90. Try and stay cool