Sunday, September 18, 2016


 Here are a few pictures from our little burgers from the
grill dinner party on Friday night.  I found these adorable
pumpkins at Home Goods in Annapolis.  They have
a small battery operated light on the inside.  I also finally
found my box full of Halloween stuff which was buried
in the back of the guest room closet.  
 The fall themed tablecloth is from Home Goods as well.
I like that store and could drop a few $'s on stuff I don't need
but is fun to have when entertaining. 
 Simple but festive.
 Wilson lighting the charcoal at the bottom of the Primo Grill
We love our Primo -- it was a good investment.
 The amazing yellow flowers that line the edge of our property.  
Last but not least ... the westies watching for anything that moves.
Have a great Sunday, Katie


  1. Katie, your Autumn themed table is just lovely! Great job! Homegoods is a great store for sure!

  2. Such a fun table! I put together one last table for summer, then later on this week I'll bring out some pumpkins! I love your pretty backyard and screened-in porch. I know that Derby and Julep love playing out there!

  3. Your table looks great. I love those pumpkins