Thursday, September 22, 2016

I'm Not Making Any Excuses

 As one of my fellow bloggers wrote in a recent blog post ... she's not
making any excuses for her massive amount of fabric ... so I'm taking
her lead and not making excuses for my 'occasional' snag of a good deal.  
{fyi ... she has me beat in fabric yardage by a long shot}.   

 One of my favorite on-line shopping places is Hancock's of Paducah.
I remind Wilson it's my way of supporting his fellow Kentuckians.
 This is a beautiful fabric so I ordered one fat quarter stack
so I could have everything in the line.  What I'll make is t.b.d.
 Owls are one of my favorite birds.  We would hear them in the
woods in Bozman but here at the new place I may have heard an
owl once.  Maybe the community needs to put up owl nesting boxes.

 What makes this fabric pop out is the outlining in silver.
I actually may not cut this for awhile.
 All the fabrics are between $3.99 and $5.00 per yard.
 The fabric on the right is bright and happy.  Perfect for a baby quilt.
 The fabric on the right are fireflies.  Not crazy about the one
on the left.  It looked better in the photo.
The Scottie fabric was $3.99/yard.  I'll be making a set of
napkins to donate to a rescue auction.  That will be a different
item and I hope the set brings in a few $'s for the cause.  


  1. I love your fall background-so festive. I also love your owl fabric-it is beautiful and I would have a hard time cutting it too. I haven't been to Paducah, but so want to go. I did get to Sisters, Oregon this summer for their show-it was wonderful, but a tiring day! Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Derby is just an adorable little fella! What a face! Gosh- I need to start quilting again- you get so much done- ---me....not so much 😏

  3. since I tend to be somewhat of a craft supply hoarder I understand your fabric purchases. No excuses necessary. That first cartoon cracked me up. I love the owl fabric. That's so pretty

  4. Derby looks so sweet after his grooming session! He is seriously the cutest Westie on the planet. He looks so innocent! My Finlay is a sweetie but he LOOKS like a grumpy old man. He is so funny! I think that Mustang Sally looks a lot like Julep.

    You have the same fabric problem that I have with art supplies. I'm painting a portrait now that will require lots of green, and I'm green challenged. Maybe it's time for a trip to the art supply store!