Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sewing for Shelley ... But Before That

 Before I show you the adorable pillowcases I made for Shelley
I wanted to show you some adorable westie pictures.
 Derby was in a playful mood and so was Julep.
He's scheduled for a grooming on Friday.
 Playing under my cutting table ... that's different for these two.
Set #1 for Shelley
I've been following [for several years] the blog
Art@Home.  You can pop over by using this link:
Ricki Jill's daughter {Shelley} started college and I noticed
in the photo's RJ posted of Shelley's dorm room she
 had some decorative Paris items around the room.
 Set #2
I went through my stash and pulled
all my Paris-themed fabric and decided
it would be nice to make Shelley pillowcases.  
 Set #3
Set #4
I hope Shelley likes the fun fabric combinations.
Fingers crossed!  


  1. Julep and Derby are looking as adorable as ever. What a nice surprise those pillow cases will be. They're all nice but I think the 3rd set is my favorite

  2. WOW! The combos are perfect, Katie. They all match her room in one way or another! Shelley is going to flip out! I think she'll like them all, especially the one with black and red because that's her school colors. She has dark red curtains that pick-up on the red rosebuds in her bedding and dark charcoal carpet. You are so thoughtful and generous! BTW I always love seeing your Westies playing together. I know Derby will look dashing after his grooming session, but I sure think he looks adorable in his photos above!