Thursday, January 19, 2017

Shipment #2 of 3 Arrived!

 I'm slowly returning to the land of the living!  This head/chest
cold really hit me out of the blue.  After sleeping most of 
today I found package #2 waiting for me.  This is the
order from Hancock of Paducah which is in Kentucky.
I told Wilson I'm keeping his fellow Kentuckians employed.
 This is gorgeous fabric and the photo I took just doesn't
do this justice.  Wilson said it looks like 'old lady' fabric
and I totally disagree.  I'm going to save these for awhile.
 I knew sometime in January all my favorite fabric websites
would be trying to reduce inventory and being the organized
person I am I was ready to take advance of these reductions.

 What I don't see in a lot of website sales bins is cute
fabric for kids and I'm not sure why.
 One of my favorites.
This selection I'm thinking pillowcases but then again
a simple big block layout for a lap quilt would work also.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling better than today. 
Fabric shipment #3 should be here as well. 
This shipment is coming from Zook's in Lancaster, PA
a brick and mortar store that my sister and I normally visit.
Since we didn't have a trip planned I just ordered off
their website. 
Also I just found out that postage rates go up on
Monday ... so get your Forever stamps now!


  1. Looks like you're all set to get sewing again

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