Friday, January 20, 2017

Shipment #3 of 3

 Today the final delivery of sale fabric arrived.  I have to admit
I love getting boxes of fabric in the mail.  It's the little
things in life that make me a very happy girl.

 Both of these fabrics are adorable.  
 I don't know what the wording means so if anyone knows
send me a note. 

 This is who shipment #3 is from so if you see
something you like just pop on to their website.
 Total of the three orders of fabric.  The small stack is Xmas.
 This morning I wasn't feeling great but by the afternoon
I found some energy to go up and sew.  I pulled
this collection of fabric and the pattern before I got sick.
Doesn't Julep look sweet?  
I'm not sure if I would consider this a low-volume
quilt or not but the colors are light and soft.    


  1. The French line says "' friends of the forest'.
    Cynthia Toone Riley

  2. Love the fabric with the little animals on it. Julep does look adorable. The colors and pattern you picked out are a winning combination. Peaceful and restful and Julep is the proof :)