Saturday, April 29, 2017

Spring Flowers, Fabric & Quilt Tops

 The last of the spring daffodil's have finished blooming.
The Dutch iris have just started to open and the
hummingbirds are back in full force.
 The landscapers finished edging and mulching all
the beds.  We asked them to take down the river birch tree
which is right next to the house.  It's a messy tree and one that
should not have been planted there to begin with.  The roots
 are invasive and are pushing up the asphalt 
in the driveway which is not good.
 I was very happy with the variety package of bulbs I
found at Lowe's last fall.  Now we need to decide on
what annuals we want to plant in our beds.
... Derby ... 
Could he be thinking ...
I can't believe she bought more fabric 
Doesn't she ever give that sewing machine a rest
I look at it this way - people collect many things like
fancy sport cars, art work, stamps, coins, jewelry 
you name it and people will collect it.  In my case
at least what I buy stays in my collection for a short
period of time before I use it and pass it along for
someone to enjoy.  
 The little white dogs look like little white lambs to me.

 I'm not crazy about these but I do think
they would make beautiful go-green tote bags.
I finished up 4 more last night and will post
photo's of them tomorrow.
I'm not crazy about this one as well. 
This was a pre-cut quilt I picked up from Outreach.
This top is a new super-simple pattern I wanted to try
using some of the fabric bundles I picked up on sale
at JoAnn's.  This will be given to Outreach to finish up.
You know what they say it takes a village to get
things accomplished and that's what I love about
Outreach.  It's a village of sewers working together to
accomplish one common goal - to help those in need
within our community and beyond.  For example ...
When I turn this top in someone else will pick the
back fabric, someone else will put the three layers
together, then it will move on to be quilted by yet another.
It then will be passed on to someone to put the binding on.
The final step is the transportation by yet another
to it's final in-need home.  So what starts with little old me
 in my little old sewing room will be touched by many
before it arrives at it's final destination.


  1. Hi Katie, It's snowing here today, so I plan on being downstairs too. Love the fabrics, but have to say your Daffodils are gorgeous. I would love some in my yard. My Tulips will probably not last with the snow on them; we usually get snow up until Mother's Day. I'm worried about my Hydrangeas and other decorative perennials that have started to come up.
    Have a wonderful day sewing-I love how your group divides the tasks up among you.

  2. I need a landscaper to come do something with my yard. I have no curb appeal