Sunday, April 30, 2017

This & That

 No, we're not at the beach but I wish we were!
This is a 2012 photo of Derby I pulled as a
comparison of how much he looks like his brother
Finn in the below photo.
 Bethany [who is sweet Savannah's mom] sent me this photo
of Ryan with Finn.  Bethany asked that I make Ryan a
quilt for his birthday so everyone in the house had
one of my quilts.  B&R are a great couple, wonderful
parents, and are art teachers in Virginia.
More go-green bags going to the boutique sale.
I hope they sell!

 Another top finished and ready to be turned over to
Outreach to do it's thing.  {Yes Chris I've made the binding 
as well for this and the one below}.
This little number is made up of the left over blocks
from the quilt above as well as the one I posted a
few days ago.  I needed to cut down the blocks in
size to make it work and when I did that I felt
it was a little small in size.  Adding the 4" 
border fabric helped.  To Outreach it shall go.
I'm actually waiting for dear sweet Chris to
say ... stop ... I can't take any more!

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  1. Derby and Finn are both very handsome boys