Friday, April 21, 2017

Starting a New Quilt or Two

 It's never to early to start a holiday quilt.  I want to have this done
rather quickly to donate to one of the upcoming westie rescue
fund raising auction.  After this photo I did sew the two blocks
together vertically.  I'm now working on what combination of fabrics
I like between the block sets.
 I felt like working with one of the jelly roll's packages I
have sitting on my shelf.  I was looking for a simple pattern
and the Jelly Roll Jam pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop is perfect.
A few of the fabrics from the Sweet Cherry Wine jelly roll.
Instant Gratification
It's nice to have pre-cut's so you can start sewing immediately.
 FYI:  A jelly roll is a 2-1/2" wide x 44" long strips of fabric.
In a continued effort to organize my sewing space
I put all my 2-1/4" strips of fabric in order by color
grouping.  I prefer to use 2-1/4" vs 2-1/2" when
making bindings for my quilts.  These will be used
for scrappy quilts in the future.  Next to be organized
is the 2 boxes of miscellaneous holiday fabric I have
sitting on my floor.

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  1. Cute holiday quilt blocks. I like the colors in the jelly roll package. I have always been bad at cutting fabric so precuts would work well for me :)