Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Around Our Little Backyard

 Here on Pond Haven Lane we aim to please our
wildlife ... we offer the choice of three [3] different 
sizes of bird baths with water changed daily [if not 
twice in one day] of course all this depends on how
active those little birdie are.

 We also offer a variety of trees for in-between flight
resting, general concealment or plain old nest building.
 We have ducks who like to eat seed underneath the bird feeder.
They start here and then waddle over to the neighbor's feeder
to see what goodies are there.
 Dutch Iris in Bloom
 Also offered is a variety of seed but it's mostly sunflower,
cracked sunflower, and thistle seed.

 With the meadows all around it's amazing the amount
of birds we have flying through the yard.  I know I mentioned
this before but I could actually sit outside on the porch
and watch the birds all day.
 Julep on screened in porch #1
 Derby on screened in porch #2
 This was a real surprise for us a few days ago.  If you haven't guessed
what this bird is I can tell you - it's a rose breasted grosbeak.
Wilson has a far better photo then I do but this one will
have to do for now.  Apparently, this is a pretty common
bird in Maryland and I saw several photo's on the MD 
Birding site on Facebook this week.
 Our first frog visitor on the patio. It looks
like there is grass growing out of his/her back and I should
probably put this on the MD Birding site for identification.
 Spotted at Walmart for a super-cheap price were Fuchsia plants.
I read they really attack hummingbirds so we'll see if that's true.
We also offer two hummingbird feeders as well.
 Mommy Goose with some her babies.
 So far the babies still total 7.  I'm surprised the others decided
not to walk in the line with these.
 Here come the ducks waddling through the yard.
We had the little Yorkie that belongs to a neighbor down
the street run thru the yard as I was taking this photo -
that Yorkie was so darn quick my camera couldn't focus
fast enough before it was back on the pathway with it's owner.
This was such a sweet photo.  I don't know
who the little girls are but they are deep in conversation.
 She wasn't happy I was in the yard.  All 7 present and
accounted for!

Last but not least - this is the big river birch tree
that is messy and pushing up our driveway.
Scheduled to come down soon!