Saturday, May 27, 2017

Cute Little Models & Quilt Tops in the Works

 Here are two little cutie-pies modeling the toddler
bib give-a-way I had on Facebook last week. 
It's really nice to see how they look [as well as] fit
and I appreciate the receivers sending these photo's.
I will be making these again because it's a fun.
 I love this fabric and will have a hard time parting with
this quilt but as I say ... I can't keep them all.  Will post
a clearer photo when it's complete.
The same layout [as above] which is my 'go-to'
pattern when I need something semi-quick.  This is top on
the get finish list because it's going into a Facebook auction
that will benefit the Sunshine State Westie Rescue group.

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  1. Aw, look at those little cuties modeling their bibs. They look adorable