Friday, May 26, 2017

Fabric Finds

 If you are wondering what I would say in answer to this question
is what happened to the other half of the
fabric on this truck.  
 Speaking of fabric ... my recent order from
Hancock of Paducah in Kentucky.
 I have some really beautiful Christmas fabric and I may
start making a few holiday quilts in July.
 I have several friends with babies on the way so when
I saw this generic fabric I snatched it up.

 The fabric on the left I'm not crazy about.  I may cut it into
large blocks and make something simple for Outreach.
 I was thinking of grand daughter Casey when I ordered this.
If this child doesn't go into acting she'll be missing her
calling in life.  She is already is every school play and
living in LA she's in a perfect place to learn the craft of acting.
 These are cute and I'll just add a few borders around these panels
and call it a day.  
Wishing everyone a safe & happy


  1. Did you ever get your DNA Ancestry results?
    Sweet William The Scot

  2. Your answer had me laughing. I was thinking along the lines of unloading the truck. I never noticed it was half