Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Westies & Two Quilt Tops

 I never get tired of taking photo's of the westies sleeping.
This is sweet boy Derby who will be 8 years old next week.
 Julep turned 9 last month and still looks great.
Seriously 9 ... how time flies!
 Hopefully, we are over the flea issue but I'm still semi-diligent
in keeping the furniture covered and vacuuming every other day.
I did take the scissors and trimmed them shorter then they
normally are which I like.

Pardon the mess behind Derby.  I need to clean this
up over the weekend.
 I altered this pattern somewhat to work with
the leftover fabric I had.  
This will go to Outreach to finish.

Simple pattern and calming colors another top in the
 stack for Outreach to complete.  When I sew I
think about all kinds of things ... from the state of
our nation to wondering who will get this quilt to
everything in between.  When you work on your
hobbies what do you think about?

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