Sunday, June 11, 2017

What Started Out As One {1} ...

What started with one little terrier dog turned into
36 [plus the few others I made earlier as samples].
 It's crazy but I love them all.
These are tiny - approximately 6-1/2" x 7"
but that doesn't mean they don't take time to make.

 Cutting out the pattern and sewing together is the easy part.
 Then they are flipped right side out.  To be sure the
ears and tail get that nice point I have to use 
by trusty bobkin then it's time to press.

 Filling them with poly-fill is a little tricky especially
when it comes to the ears and tail.

 Once stuffed it's time to close up the small opening
between the two legs by hand sewing.

 The best part is putting the ribbon around the neck.

 Once the ribbon is on it's time to pick the flower or bow.

 I glue the flower or bow in place.
And so that's how each terrier is born.
These are fun and enjoyable to make. I'll be making some using
Christmas fabric with a small hanger so they can be
put on a tree or as a package decoration.

You never know what will come flying
out of my sewing room next!

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  1. That's quite a litter of terriers there. :) Love them all, it's hard to pick a favorite since no matter what fabric you use they look adorable. I always hated the stuffing part of making things like this. I never seemed to get them stuffed enough