Monday, June 26, 2017

Beautiful Flowers In Our Garden

 I was in the mood to take flower photo's yesterday since
the weather was nice and I needed a break from
all the house cleaning I was doing.  
. . . A Sampling of the Garden . . .  

 I have four tiger lily plants.  The rabbits had a feast on them
last year [down to the ground] so I'm glad to see blooms this year.
Thanks to our neighbor [Scott] who told us about
a deer and rabbit repellent that really seems to work.
 A little fern I moved and tucked into a better spot seems
to be happy now.
 Tiger Lily
 We are talking about adding another [small] bed behind this one
in the fall.  The verdict is not in yet.  
 I found healthy basil plant at BJ's and snagged it for Wilson.  
Petunia's in the planters by the back deck.
 The cone flowers didn't do much last year but this year
they are blooming like gangbusters.  Guessing the roots
just needed to be more established.

 Wilson likes this color [the best] but I did spot a beautiful
double orange cone flower plant in a spring catalogue.
Thinking about next year's garden already.

 While full and beautiful this daisy plant is taking over the garden.  

 Joe Pye Weed has a tendency to attract butterflies but is
hardly a weed in our garden.  The blooms have nice sweet smell
but I haven't seen any butterflies on it.

 Cone Flowers
The seeds from the cone flowers [when the heads dry out]
will attract tiny birds like flinches that will pull out the
seeds to eat.  Hoping to get some good photo's then.
 White Cone Flowers

 We have two volunteer sunflowers growing in the garden 
which sprouted from all sunflower seeds we feed the birds.
Wilson wanted to yank them out but I said no.  I'm waiting
to see how large the head gets.  By the size of the stem I
feel it will be a small flower but that's ok.  In the past I use
to grow giant Russian sunflowers but in this garden that
will not work.
 I forgot the name of this plant which I picked up at Lowe's
as a filler.  It looks like a form of a snap dragon and I
have a yellow colored plant tucked into the other side of the bed.
My Father's Maple Tree
My dad started this maple tree for me when we were
still living in Bozman.  We had it growing in a pot on our deck
and when we moved that pot came with us.  This maple
was the first thing planted in the new bed and then 
everything else was planted accordingly.  I would say
it's happy now that the roots can spread out.  Every time
I look at this tree I think of my dad.  He loved to work
in the garden and I remember him growing plants from
seeds.  I guess I have a little of him in me.


  1. Everything looks so pretty. I love cone flowers

  2. I love all your flowers, as well as your new background. I've been making some 4th placemats-so fun. Have a great week.