Saturday, June 24, 2017

From The Yard & From The Sewing Room

 Finally, we have lilies in bloom!  That took monitoring and
the constant sprinkling of a rabbit deterrent.  {The rabbits ate these 
to the ground last year.}  While beautiful the smell coming from this
type of lily is really strong.  It was moved into the dining room.
 We had two more lilies that opened and before I could cut them
for an arrangement on our porch [we think] a rabbit
had a midnight snack.  I was also stupid enough to think if they
make it to opening they were safe from the millions of rabbits
we have here in Back Creek Landing.  Wrong! 
 I have always loved going into the garden to cut flowers
to bring in the house.  Our plants are finally getting to the size
for cutting without showing signs of flowers missing from them.
The quilt wasn't on the chairs for a second before the
westies took it over as their own.  Nothing new, right?
 A view minus the westies.  This was a pattern I copied from
Jenny of Missouri Star Quilt Company but I added my
own twist to it.
We're ready for the 4th of July which is right about the corner.

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  1. What pretty flowers. That's a great looking quilt but I have to say I think it looks cuter with two westies laying on it :)