Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Happy 19 to Us!

Fleurs Elegantes
{or elegant flowers}
Tomorrow {June 14} is our 19th wedding anniversary.
It also happens to be Flag Day.  We first met on June 14th,
Wilson's parents were married on June 14th, and we were
married on this date as well.  
Fleurs Elegantes is Wilson's anniversary present to me [actually us].
I've been eyeing this piece of art since Heidi Clark [who happens
to be our next door neighbor] finished it.

Heidi has a gallery in St. Michaels and Wilson went in to
buy it without me knowing it.  What a guy he is!

While this photo has some reflections in it I'll
be taking another photo once we get it hung on the
wall.  It's really a stunning piece which you just have
to see up close.  I'll write more about all the elements
involved in it's make-up once we get it on the wall
and I can take better photo's.
We'll be celebrating #19 at the Inn at Perry Cabin
tomorrow evening and I'll be sure to take my camera along.

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