Thursday, June 15, 2017

Tag Blankets

 I've been making Taggies for a couple of weeks
and on Wednesday I turned them in to Outreach. 
 I decided to step-up the look of the Taggie with some
 fancy stitching. Instead of making a solid block [like below]
I made the above.  It was a little more time consuming but that's ok.
 This Taggie went to a Facebook friends grandson.
 Derby just had to get in the picture.
Why Taggies Are Popular With Babies
Babies have busy little fingers and love to fiddle with fabric 
and interact with all sorts of things. A tag blanket is a cuddly
 and soft baby blanket that features looped pieces of
 ribbon or cloth sewn along the borders. The tags on the blanket typically
 come in a variety of colors, patterns and textures to create visual
 and tactile appeal for baby. These blankets are often small -- less than 12
 inches on each side -- but they can come in larger sizes, too.

A tag blanket can be your baby’s lovey -- a security blanket that 
provides not only comfort, but also entertainment. It can engage your
 little one, stimulating his senses and giving his cognitive 
development a jump start while keeping him cozy. And when your 
baby reaches and grabs for the tags, he’s also developing his 
fine motor skills, as well as his hand-eye coordination.
Other Shapes
 For the rounds I played with two different sizes.
That little dinosaur was a pain and the fish was
pretty easy.  I have some nautical flannel on order
for the next batch of Taggies.

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  1. Lots of babies will be enjoying tag blankets thanks to you